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About Masters

We are a professional and experienced company who are passionate about helping you to implement and manage change more effectively with your staff and clients.

We have a variety of techniques and tools we have developed, that deliver more effective solutions within a change paradigm, as well as providing a major focus on communication and resistance strategies. Some key features we offer are excellent communication throughout the change, and the ability to ‘transition’ people through the change. Our service provision also includes solutions to the impact of change management, i.e., mediation issues, poor management performance, staff underperformance, and conflict resolution.

Our key areas of expertise lie in assessment and analysis of the ‘change’ issue, the provision of a formally designed cohesive plan and the delivery of the successful outcome. Depending on the analysis, this could involve a variety of interventions, but may involve working one on one with a staff member, or involve a specially designed workshop for a small group, or even the whole company. As part of the service, we custom design and run a series of workshops, ranging from Turning Managers into Leaders to Communication at Work. With our involvement, some common outcomes are: positive acceptance of change; ongoing interpersonal difficulties resolved, enhanced motivation and attitude, improved internal staff communication and clearer focus and vision. This culminates in greater productivity and profit being experienced by you – the client.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Our Philosophy

At Masters of Communication, we seek to offer qualitive, unique and fully customised workplace solutions to offset the impact new and ongoing change can bring.

We believe that each company is an individual entity with its own challenges and obstacles. As such, any change initiative is specific and unique to that Company. We also feel that underpinning any resistance to that, is an aspect of communication that could be improved on, e.g., poor leadership, staff underperformance etc., hence the Company name – Masters of Communication Ltd. We also have the tag line, ‘making you the expert’ as we believe that the best learning is where clients discover things for themselves.

As a result our focus is on experiential and skill based solutions so that clients can immediately integrate new skills within the Change paradigm. To that end we ensure that each project undertaken is given the upmost in deliberation and care to meet the needs that exist for that client. We pride ourselves on being ‘par excellence’ and ensure that our work from inception to delivery is of the highest quality. We don’t believe we know everything, but we do believe that by listening to our clients, we can help reach a workable and satisfactory solution beyond expectation.

Masters of Communication specialises in providing quality interventions and solutions, tailored to meet specific client needs.

We aim to provide our clients with:

  • Increased skills and abilities
  • Greater confidence
  • Higher levels of motivation and productivity!

Our Team

Gloria Masters

Gloria has had a varied and exciting career which has involved many different opportunities being sought after and achieved.

Her history involves Gloria training as a teacher in 1980 and teaching for several years in Auckland. In the mid 90’s she went back to university and studied as a psychotherapist. This eventuated in her running her own clinic on the Hibiscus Coast. As more and more business and industry sought her advice, Gloria re-defined her clinic and the result was Masters of Communication which she established in 2002.

In 2005 Gloria was the runner up for the Communicator of the Year in the Rodney District, and in 2010 was nominated for Her Businesswoman of the Year Award. Gloria is in demand as both a writer and speaker. She was an active participant in the Business Mentors New Zealand programme, and continues to mentor senior management on a range of issues

Over the years she has developed the company to offer a range of products and services to Companies here In New Zealand.

She has two adult children, enjoys a range of sport and exercise and counts herself lucky that her work is something she loves doing!

Case Studies

Our Case Studies are just an example of the types of positive outcomes that occur as a result of the Transformational Change techniques and initiatives that are designed and facilitated to meet your needs.

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