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February 2012


A word from Gloria

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to work for 2012.

Listen to the news, or read a paper and you will be aware of the variety of ‘forecasts’ out there for the year ahead. What’s your forecast for your Company? Depending on your outlook can determine your attitude and belief about what is possible. Because what we think affects how we feel and then what action we take, it makes sense to think about what is possible, instead of lamenting what isn’t.

This beginning of the year is also timely to look at performance. Goals are set, plans are established and focus is given to the ongoing demands of your business. It is essential then to strategise around lifting performance. This is a key area for most leaders and HR departments throughout NZ, and therefore a ‘hot’ topic for discussion, with many hours spent wondering how best to manage it. But what is not commonly addressed is potential. More specifically, why people are not working to their full potential in workplaces throughout NZ. Why is this? What are the key factors that contribute to this? What, if anything can we do to shift this, and how can we try to match performances to the potential we see so clearly in individuals?

Have a look at my article, as it will resonate with those among you who wish to shift this wasted potential in people at work.

Just a thought…While you’re at it, have a look at your own performance and see whether or not you are managing to work towards your potential.

I look forward to your comments or queries regarding this article,

Happy New Year!

Gloria Masters - Managing Director


Latest Article - Potential & Performance

When looking at potential and performance it seems that commonly, there is, a difference between what people can and do achieve. Although there are potentially many reasons for this, while this gap exists, the impact on teamwork, motivation, profit margins and the culture of a company is significant and needs to be addressed. When considering potential, the following questions highlight whether it is underperformance due to unrealised potential, rather than lack of ability, that you are seeing:


Maximising Potential Workshop

The “Maximising Potential” Workshop explores unique ways to build performance to match potential in key individuals and thus avoid the high cost - both in financial terms and intangibles, of ongoing underperformance at work. Designed for individuals not working to full potential, it explores common assumptions and addresses key factors that affect ‘potential’ performance and ‘actual’ performance. Using a variety of exercises and self-assessments, participants are challenged to reflect on their performance, and are guided through designing a customised strategy to counter select factors and move them towards becoming a “high performing individual”. The experiential nature of this course creates a compelling desire to implement these “Maximising Potential” initiatives in the workplace immediately!



This month’s competition is worth entering.  Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and put your name and that of your Company in the subject line with the number of times Gloria has used performance and potential in the same sentence. If your number is correct, you will go into the draw for a FREE ‘Maximising Potential’ assessment with her during the month of March.


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