Friday, May 29, 2020

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Industrial / Organisational Psychologist

Gloria Masters – Industrial/Organisational Psychologist

I am often called in to work with issues that are commonplace in busy and productive working environments. These include Consulting on:
•    Interpersonal difficulties a team member may have with their Manager/Team member
•    Management struggling to motivate and move a team member/s forward
•    Team Leaders not leading their teams to the expected level
•    Issues between two teams within the same Company/Nationwide
•    Mediation
•    Assisting Management to improve their communication with staff.

Other areas of expertise include Attending and Consulting on -

•    Performance reviews, Interviews and Exit Interviews.
•    Team/Group supervision
•    Mentoring of senior/mid level Management
•    Change Management
•    Restructuring

With my involvement common outcomes are:

•    Ongoing interpersonal difficulties resolved
•    Enhanced motivation and attitude
•    Improved internal staff communication
•    Clearer focus and vision by both Management/Team members
•    Greater productivity and profit being experienced


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