Friday, May 29, 2020

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Were you aware of the real impact Change Resistance and Change Fatigue have on the success and timeliness of the initiative?

Were you aware that ‘feeding’ the underlying issue are usually one or two disgruntled people?

Did you realise if you are constantly dealing with a ‘people’ issue at work, you are in the vast majority of Managers and Team Leaders, who (on average) spend at least 25% of their time on managing these same issues?

Do you notice that the level of motivation and attitude has dropped because of the impact a particular person/team of people is having?

Are you also aware that this has existed for a long, long time and it is not going away?

Do you notice how issues at work are not being addressed and that the same poor quality styles of relating still exist?

In other words, are you noticing that the same negative influences occur day after day?

It is time to call us in!

We come into your workplace, assess the situation and deliver an intervention.

This is fully customised to meet your need, as we deal with the issues as they exist, and the way they impact on people and performance at work.

This is a very cost effective solution and requires very little in the way of your input. Basically we see the situation for what it is and address it accordingly.

Whether the situation requires a Team Workshop, some Mediation or perhaps some one on one Mentoring - we assure you of qualitative and lasting results.

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