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Transformational Change Manager - Contract Services

Need some Change Management Work done? We can deliver this to you on a contract basis.

We are able to offer variety and flexibility within our Change Management contract work. This involves our experience as workplace consultants and includes - analysis, design and implementation of solutions whether for individuals, teams or the whole company.

The key focus of our work incorporates ‘meeting the need’ or ‘filling the gap’ to involve creation of individualised solutions involving one on one with a staff member, small group or may involve a specially designed intervention for a specific team or the whole company. The design of a particular initiative evolves from meeting the needs presented - through assessment, and appraisals. Converting the gap in the Change paradigm into meaningful actions and achievements, is a particular passion of ours, coupled with our belief that to accelerate and transition through the change, people need to be listened to, engaged and motivated. We use humour and technology in our presentation style, which seems to promote enthusiasm, facilitate progress and achieve results.


  • Design/Implementation of strategy to counter resistance
  • Building staff engagement post-change
  • Organisational culture analysis and remedial interventions
  • Designing and implementing solutions to mediation issues, poor management performance and staff underperformance
  • Implementation overview design
  • Organisational development of strategy across multi levelled sites
  • Performance management and measurement
  • Building relationships with key business partners and stakeholders
  • Designing and delivering L&D strategy within large nationwide organisations
  • Designing training solutions tailored to needs
  • Managing and influencing key relationships through excellent communication skills
  • Coaching and mentoring professionals at a range of levels


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