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Case Studies

The following case studies are just an example of the types of positive outcomes that occur as a result of the Corporate Coaching and Customised Workshops that I design and facilitate.

Case Study 1

A Managing Director made contact regarding a Senior Manager who had 9 staff threatening to resign. When asked how many staff were in the team, his answer was 9. In other words the whole team were threatening to leave. I was contracted to work for 6 sessions to solve this issue.

After 3 sessions he contacted me saying "I don't know what you've done but I am getting different feedback about this issue."

The work I did, involved showing her (Senior Manager) the difference between what she intended and what was being received in the workplace. She was unaware of the impact her behaviour was having. She fully believed that her team understood her willingness to get the job done alongside her very good intentions, and had no realisation that they were very unhappy with her management of them. After some in-depth discussion, I was able to shift her thinking and implement strategies and techniques that lifted her emotional intelligence levels. The outcome was a complete shift of focus, attitude and awareness that led to enhanced communication, interaction and impact upon the team.

Of note: she has recently received a Nationwide Award for outstanding achievements in her field.

Case Study 2

The Executive Team (Of a very large Corporation) contacted me regarding 2 of their teams with very long-held and real concerns. These particular teams had been experiencing on-going and unresolved conflict for 3 years. I was called in to identify the issues and resolve the underlying communication difficulty. The 2 teams comprised up to 100 staff members, but my focus was on the Manager's who were leading these 2 teams.

My input included one on one analysis with all Managers involved. Underlying this analysis were a range of questions I had designed to elicit the core issues feeding the communication difficulty. I conducted this analysis with 10 Senior Managers, and subsequently compiled a report which included some strategic suggestions. These suggestions were acted on and comprised the following:

1. A Communication Workshop for the Managers involved.
2. A round table discussion with an Executive Team Member and his Managers (also involved in the conflict).
3. A mediation intervention led by me, involving the 2 teams concerned.
4. A written agreement signed by both parties, compiling the path ahead.

It is as a result of my interventions, that this 3-year-old issue was finally resolved, and remains a part of this Corporations history.

Case Study 3

An International Corporation (who I have both consulted for, and conducted several workshops for in the past) contacted me regarding 12 team leaders who were struggling with stress. Their symptoms were anxiety, depression, illness, demotivation, underperformance and unhappiness. My brief was to address this situation and have these 12 people motivated and performing at optimum levels.

My intervention included discussing with HR what had been tried, tested and utilised in the past. I also customised and delivered a one-day workshop on achieving a healthy work/life balance.

As a result of this day-long workshop – some profound outcomes have been noted and passed on to me: e.g. “I attended the session with reservation, as at the time I could not imagine how this was going to assist me. I was adamant I would not participate due to the impending embarrassment of airing my problems to fellow team members..... This session ended giving me the tools I needed to re-evaluate my life and the drive to fix what was broken. Thanks to Gloria, I have my life back.”  - Rosemary, NZ Accounts Administrator.

Incidentally: The HR team fully endorse what has been written, and, many months later, confirm that the changes are real, lasting and effective.


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