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Bite Sized Training

Need to train your staff but can’t afford a whole day to do it?                                                                       
Want your staff to be upskilled in certain areas in a short intensive burst?                                     
Feel that the team needs an injection to help lift their morale?

If you answered yes to these questions, Bite-Sized training could be for you! Add to that:

•    We come to you
•    The training is conducted over a two hour period
•    We provide everything needed for the workshop

All Bite–Sized Workshops include

An in-depth meeting with you to ascertain areas to be covered in the training
Full development of workshop, evolving into;
A two hour custom built workshop focusing on the areas of interest to the workplace.
A workbook for each participant with a copy of the power point presentation, action plans, quizzes and questionnaires provided.
A synopsis of participant’s feedback.
Free email advice to each participant.
All materials required - including laptop and projector.


1.    Attitude – Some ways to develop and grow this attribute!
2.    Change Management – Solutions around understanding/dealing with change.
3.    Communication – Tips to improve your style.
4.    Coping with Stress – Simple techniques to manage this at work.
5.    Dealing with Difficult People – Strategies to manage them!
6.    Emotional Intelligence – The ‘secret weapon’ of success at work.
7.    Motivation – Ways to become more excited about work and life!
8.    Negotiation Skills – Techniques to master this.
9.    Time Management – A step by step guide to prioritising your workload.
10.    Using Vision/Goal setting – Strategies to develop yours

WARNING – All of the following workshop skills can be transferred into personal lives.

Coping With Stress – Simple techniques to manage this at work

Do you Ever  

•    Feel like you are a rat on a treadmill?
•    Notice you’re often feeling stressed about work?   
•    Wonder whether the feeling of being overwhelmed will ever go away?  
If you identified with these questions, then the Coping with Stress Workshop has your name on it! In this workshop, you will learn how to identify, and work with the pressure you face on a daily basis. You will also learn new skills and competencies to address ongoing symptoms and trigger points for you. Strategies taught will enable you to manage stress instead of stress managing you. You will leave the workshop with an individualised action plan which reinforces new skills and understandings gained.

Motivation – Ways to become more Excited about Work and Life

Would you like to

•    Stop feeling that every day is ground hog day?
•    Find the old enthusiasm you used to have?
•    Feel more excited about work?

If this leapt out at you, then the Motivation Workshop is for you. In this workshop, you will be taught strategies linking thoughts, feelings and behavior. The skills developed will enable you to become more aware of what drives you, and ways to develop this. The outcome is you becoming more self-motivated and in charge of your day to day experiences. Built into this workshop are stepping stones to develop your effectiveness and success with your personal ‘wants’ and ‘likes’ at work. You will leave the workshop feeling more motivated and successful in both your professional and personal life.

Communication – Tips to improve Your Style

How would it feel being

•    Seen as more approachable?
•    More confident when dealing with any/all staff?
•    Known for your clear and empathic communication style?

If this ‘spoke to you’ the Communication Workshop is the one for you. In this workshop you will be taught the process of communication as well as personal responsibility in effective communicating. You will also look at ways to identify verbal, vocal and non-verbal signals that emanate in the workplace. Focus is given to building skills and confidence in assertive communication – while leaving the person intact! The strategies taught are highly experiential in nature and you will leave with a ‘tool-kit’ to implement knowledge gained.

Negotiation Skills – Techniques to Master this

Have you ever
•    Felt undermined when trying to reach agreement with others?
•    Felt you could improve on your negotiating skills?
•    Wondered if there was a more effective way to master this?

If this grabbed your attention, the Negotiation Skills Workshop is suitable for you. This explores the role of negotiation in the workplace and its direct relevance in fostering the right attitude and reactions essential for successful business interactions. Beginning with a self-assessment to determine your current level, strategies are developed to create a tailored, individual plan to increase this. With understanding and knowledge of how to employ the art of negotiation, you will be more self-motivated and equipped to better handle workplace situations successfully.

Dealing With Difficult People – Strategies to Manage them

Do you notice

•    You are constantly walking on eggshells around ‘some’ people?    
•    The dominant/negative attitude some people have?
•    You would like to deal with this in a more effective way?    

If you felt drawn to this, the workshop on Dealing with Difficult People is for you. This looks at many aspects of difficult behavior experienced in workplaces. It focuses on identifying your particular areas of concern and then delivers tools to match the specific behaviours that are challenging for you personally at work. You will learn to understand why behaviours are present and identify what responses are useful for you to develop further. You will leave the workshop feeling more empowered to deal with those particularly ‘challenging’ behaviours you see on a daily basis.

Time Management – A step by step Guide to Prioritising your Workload

Do you ever Feel

•    That you never have time to get the work done?
•    Your workload stays the same even though you spend longer at work?
•    You are constantly running late/not meeting deadlines?

It seems you need the Time Management Workshop. This takes you through a process of sorting and prioritising your workload focusing on the essential factors that underpin Time Management. These include - goal setting; prioritisation; managing interruptions; procrastination and scheduling. Some areas highlighted are - minimising interruptions faced daily, to do lists, contingency plans and planning to achieve your workload each day. You will leave the workshop utilising the ‘working smarter not harder’ adage, to achieve more than you ever thought possible. The skill-set gained can be used from the moment you get back to your desk.

Change Management – Solutions around understanding/dealing with change

Have you ever

•    Felt uncomfortable or resistant at the thought of change?
•    Realised you are unhappy with change, but not understood why?
•    Noticed your negative reaction when ‘change’ initiatives are underway?

There is help in the form of the Change Management Workshop. This is designed to assist you to successfully navigate your way through changes at work.  It provides you with an enhanced understanding of the human response to change along with strategies and techniques to ensure change can be a positive and productive force in the workplace.  Through some practical and experiential exercises, you will gain confidence and understanding about the very nature of change itself. You will also feel well equipped to plan and implement changes successfully within your own desk, office or team as a result.

Emotional Intelligence – The Secret Weapon of Success at Work

Do you ever consider that
•    Some people just seem to attract loyalty/commitment from the staff or their team?
•    Particular colleagues always make time to appreciate what you do?
•    Certain individuals always seem calm in any situation?

Chances are they are emotionally intelligent. The Emotional Intelligence Workshop provides a look at what constitutes EI, and how to work with and implement this into the working environment. The focus is on the 5 key areas of EI developed and integrated into daily successful practice at work. These range from the ability to persist and stay motivated in the face of frustration, to an ability to empathise with others. You will leave this workshop with an overview of the tools needed to implement more loyalty and commitment to yourself, colleagues and clients. You will also be able to enhance greater harmony at work, and therefore begin to be more productive, innovative and successful.

Using Vision and Goal Setting – Strategies to Develop yours

Would you like to

•    Know where you are heading?
•    Feel you have some power over your future?
•    Achieve at a level higher than before?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Vision and Goal Setting Workshop will work for you. This spotlights right-brain thinking, combined with cognitive process to assist you in focusing clearly on your goals, with tools given to help achieve them.  It also encompasses skills and a methodology that enable you to activate the untapped power of your mind as you prepare an innovative strategy to build on your success at work. This is a very workable and pragmatic workshop, which will assist you to clearly articulate your vision, define it in a specific and measurable way, and plan the key steps needed in order to achieve it.  

Attitude – Some ways to Develop and Grow this Attribute

How would it be if

•    You felt happier at work?
•    You enjoyed the people around you more?
•    You truly believed the cup was always half full?

This is possible. For more on this attend the Attitude at Work Workshop. What this does is introduces you to how powerful your own attitude can be. You will also gain insights into the impact other’s attitudes have on you, and learn some techniques on how to work with - as opposed to - against these. Skills are taught which enable you to leave knowing you can’t change the world, but you can change how you see it. Practical and skill based, this will enable you to develop more fully that part of you which is not utilised fully.You will leave the workshop with a different mindset that when you arrived.

Case Studies

Our Case Studies are just an example of the types of positive outcomes that occur as a result of the Transformational Change techniques and initiatives that are designed and facilitated to meet your needs.

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