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Communication Skills Workshop

Course Overview    

The “Communications Skills” workshop aims to upskill individuals so that they may be more effective and successful in their interactions with others.  Participants benefit from a dual focus on both customer relating and interpersonal communication with colleagues.

Beginning with an examination of the communications process and why good communication is vital, attention is then given to building skills and confidence in communicating.  In addition to improving both listening and questioning skills, the workshop also explores the importance of identifying verbal, vocal and non-verbal signals and examines different communication styles.

The nature of the workshop is highly practical.  Through a variety of experiential exercises and self-assessments, participants learn best-practice techniques and strategies for communicating with excellence.  The workshop culminates in the development of individual action plans for participants to act on immediately following the workshop in order to re-inforce new skills and understandings gained.

Course Topics

•    The 5 Reasons for Communicating
•    The Communication Process - Roles and Responsibilities
•    Planning for Communication
•    Levels of Communication
•    Appearance and Perception
•    The 3 Step Technique
•    What Constitutes Great Communication?
•    5 Practices of Excellent Communicators
•    Communication Styles
•    Positive Relating vs Negative Relating
•    Passive, Aggressive or Assertive Styles
•    Methods of Communicating
•    Techniques for Phone Communications
•    Techniques for Written Communications
•    Techniques for Face-to-face Communications
•    The Right Attitude
•    Establishing Rapport and Developing Empathy
•    Active Listening Skills
•    Open Questioning Techniques


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