Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Managing Difficult People Workshop

Course Overview

This workshop provides participants the skills to recognise the key behaviours that difficult people exhibit. It then resources them with the specific tools to combat that behaviour – ranging from providing damage control to managing the issue so it doesn’t escalate. Beginning with an analytical self-assessment of how they usually cope, participants then begin the experiential part of the workshop.
The focus of the workshop is to build skills and confidence so that each person leaves with clarity around the specific nature of the difficult behaviours they recognise, assess and deal with on a daily basis. It provides resources to minimise the impact difficult clients have. A ‘difficult behaviour’ tool-kit with practical and easy solutions is introduced. The workshop culminates in an individualised action plan for participants to work on immediately following the workshop, in order to reinforce new skills and understandings gained.

Course Topics

•    10 common areas of difficulty
•    Tools to use when escalation occurs.
•    Keys to manage awareness
•    Techniques to move difficulty forward
•    Communication Gold Stars:
•    Listen
•    Reflect
•    Negotiate
•    4 Personality Types
•    Techniques to shift attitudes
•    `Ways to remain ‘intact’
•    Strategies for excellence
•    Tool kit
•    Action Plan


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