Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Negotiation Skills Workshop

The Negotiation Skills Workshop explores the role of negotiation in the workplace and its direct relevance in fostering the right attitude and reactions essential for successful business interactions.

Beginning with a self-assessment to determine their current level of awareness around this, participants complete a variety of experiential exercises resulting in a tailored, individual plan to increase their existing skill level.  With understanding and knowledge of how to employ the art of negotiation, participants are more self-motivated and equipped to better handle workplace situations successfully.  They leave the workshop with greater confidence and knowledge and are able to immediately implement the skills taught.

Course Topics:

•    The 6 steps to building effective relationships with colleagues
•    Maintaining workplace relationships to optimum level - you can’t afford not to.
•    The impact of Relationships on negotiation – A look at the history of this. Could/Should this impact the negotiation? What are the hidden issues? Ways to handle these.
•    Being Right vs Workplace Relationships. Understanding why your agenda is only part of the interaction.
•    Planning for successful communication – the 3 tiered approach to this.
•    The absolute importance of Attitude in Communication – some techniques to grow yours.
•    Flexibility –Openness –Empathy – The 3 Gold Stars of Outstanding Communication.
•    Expected Outcomes – Tools to use so delivery is optimum, and incorporates respect, fairness and active listening.
•    Power – a focus on where this sits in the relationship. The ways this can impact.
•    Moving entrenched attitudes to enabling ones. Some creative possibilities explored.

The 4 absolutes of ‘Style’ used in successful negotiations at work:

1.    Personal Ownership – Mindset, Attitude and Approach.
2.    Techniques to Working with different personality types
3.    Emotionally Intelligent Strategies for getting results from people
4.    Ways to build powerful/empowering Communication


The most effective way to achieve a successful outcome
Respectful and Fair Communication
The best type of Conclusion reached in any negotiation


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