Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Team Building Workshop

Arrive as Individuals – Leave as a Goal Focused Team    

Course Overview

The “Teambuilding” Workshop assesses how a team of people operate together in order to promote greater understanding, and therefore work more effectively as a team.  It uses specific developmental theory to investigate understanding themselves, others and ultimately, THE TEAM!  Through a variety of experiential and practical skill-based exercises including self-assessments, participants gain an appreciation for the personalities, styles and strengths of their team.  They leave the workshop motivated and committed to working positively and effectively together to achieve an agreed team vision.

Course Topics    

    Understanding Ourselves and Others
    Personality Types
    Emerging Success of Failure
    Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation
    Internal/External Locus of Control
    Role Perception
    Contextualising Individual Values
    Working as a Team
    Communication and Contribution
    Empathy as a Tool
    Effective Relational Tools
    Personal Responsibility
    Committing to Change
    Creating a Team Mission/Values Statement
    Strategies for Successful Interaction

Duration    One day


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