Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Turning Managers into Leaders Workshop

Course Overview

The Turning Managers into Leaders Workshop aims to assist high growth organisations to achieve their vision and objectives for their companies by adopting some in-depth understanding and methodology around their leadership style and use of management skills. Participants will recognize their areas of strengths and weaknesses, with a view to improving those areas that need it most. They will learn effective leadership ideology and be able to adopt methods instantaneously.

Course Topics

Self Awareness – This encompasses identifying the link between self talk and subsequent behavior. The intrinsic knowing of your goals, will ensure congruence with expectations of self and others within the business. Being aware of what you are thinking helps promote the physical manifestation of strong leadership, thereby ensuring positive and productive behavior is elicited from staff.

Self Motivation –  Involving learning specific components of successful achievement, through utilising persistence and commitment. This helps to overcome obstacles and encourages performance at peak levels. Developing management of control over feelings, helps to achieve objectives set. Identifying the three contributing factors to self motivation: environment, support systems and promoting optimum function of the ‘business brain’.

Self Management  - Incorporating the tools required to maintain control over behaviour under pressure and stress. Choosing how you respond to events/situations and understanding the levels of response your reaction triggers within the team. Also including the dynamics of relationship with staff based on an activating event, the belief/interpretation that engenders and the resultant consequences of that.

Managing Staff – Encompassing the key areas of conflict resolution, and the influence you have on others about the way things are done. Developing clear and direct leadership in times of resistance and high pressure.  Learning to show empathy to elicit trust and confidence from the team.  Solidifying  the key areas of motivation, communication and mediation as cornerstones of effective management.


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