Friday, May 29, 2020

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Workshops are an effective means of instilling tools and strategies into busy workplace staff and executives.

Some key reasons include having an interactive approach to learning and having self assessment tools so that experiential learning is facilitated. Discussion and exercises with colleagues experiencing same or similar situations result in multi-faceted ideas and solutions being explored and then initiated. Workshops also have the advantage of bringing people together and can help facilitate greater understanding and appreciation of what other participants experience in the workplace. Depending on the need, workshops can take many forms, but we at Masters of Communication pride ourselves on fully customising to address your specific and unique need. We don't believe one size fits all!

What our "Customised Workshop" includes:

    * An in-depth meeting with the client to ascertain area's to be covered in the training;
    * Full development of workshop, evolving into;
    * A custom-built workshop focusing on the areas of concern your workplace is currently facing;
    * A Workbook for each participant with a copy of the power point presentation, action plans, quizzes and questionnaires;
    * Synopsis of participants feedback;
    * Email follow-up & feedback.


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